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National Trust

Hundreds of Linetop counters have been installed at dozens of the Trust’s properties over many years.  Procurement tends to be led by individual property managers, but more recently there have been a number of regional-scale projects such as at car parks spread across the South West and South East of England. There is also a national-scale project to introduce cycling routes as family attractions at properties. One of the Trust’s visitor experience managers said “I really enjoy working with Linetop and would highly recommend them to any visitor business looking to understand their audience. Their level of support has consistently impressed me; from helping us to decide where best to put counters to providing exceptional after sales support, they have been readily available on the end of the phone, by email and in person to advise us on our fieldwork, as well as providing expert assistance in interpreting data. The data being provided by our Linetop visitor counters is helping to shape the future of our business.”

Natural Resources Wales

This new public body created in 2014 combines the Environment Agency Wales with the Forestry Commission Wales and the Countryside Council for Wales.  The latter two bodies were already Linetop clients at the time NRW was formed with sizeable ongoing counters projects involving dozens of locations.  The new integrated body has now joined up monitoring of national nature reserves with forestry leisure sites providing mountain biking, cafes, car parks and trails. The development and usage of bike trails is a key performance indicator in the Welsh Government’s drive for a more active and healthy nation as well as bringing spending into challenged areas. The Wales Coastal Path comprises about 900 miles of integrated paths. This underwent its initial development as local authority iniatives; then it became a national NRW project in the run-up to its launch; and now it has reverted to the Local Authorities (plus the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority) who are once again responsible for the visitor counters which are mainly Linetop equipment.

Local Government

All the Local Authorities in Wales are Linetop clients to greater or lesser extents.  We also have many more Local Government clients who are spread across the whole of the UK.  Their typical counter projects are at countryside parks, or in municipal parks in town centres, often receiving National Lottery support for refurbishments.  Larger authorities might buy counters for one park and then move them around their other parks every few years to measure and compare wider park usage. Other projects that interest Local Government are the monitoring of off-road cycling or walk to school/work routes which are often linked to public road safety and healthy living objectives. A few local authorities have discovered that town centre shopper counting can be done inexpensively with Linetop equipment.  Generally, body heat sensors in secure metal boxes are clamped to lamp posts or street signs. The objective is to evidence footfall trends not absolute people numbers for town centre regeneration projects. Typical indoors projects are monitoring footfall in libraries, galleries, museums and public toilets.

National Parks, RSPB, Woodland Trust, Wildlife Trusts

National Parks tend to monitor key attractions or footpaths, such routes as up popular mountains or along attractive riverbanks with waterfalls, or at strategic car parks and visitor centres to assess footfall trends. In Wales, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority has for many years monitored the attractive coastal path while Pembrokeshire County Council focuses on inland footpaths, and both bodies are Linetop clients.  The Brecon Beacons, Dartmoor and Yorkshire Dales NPAs all use Linetop equipment and all have different priorities and approaches. Organisations like the RSPB and Woodland Trust have been Linetop clients for many years and buy our counters to monitor visitor numbers at nature reserves. This includes use of buildings and shops as well as wild areas.  Any organisation that opens up its land to the public for leisure access and wants to know its usage is a potential new customer for Linetop.  This includes private landowners, particularly for planting new woodland on agricultural land or where they own a Scheduled Monument that creates a relationship with a statutory conservation body such as Cadw in Wales and English Heritage who are also Linetop customers.

Ireland and continental EU countries

Linetop has representatives both North and South of the Irish/UK border and our counters now account for the majority of the battery-operated visitor counters in these two countries.  As in Great Britain, our Irish clients are much the same types as above.  We are also selling counters, through local agents, into the Czech Republic, Slovenia,  Balkans, Germany, France, Spain and Iceland.  Local representatives and mother-tongue product support has been essential to ensuring a good service level abroad from being able to work up a project from the initial ideas into a clear costed proposal prior to the purchase and installation of counter equipment.  This is our preferred approach to supporting customers and launching a project successfully no matter what their size or where they are located.
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