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Counters that work

and keep on working

A truly innovative company, Linetop designs, manufactures, installs and sells state-of-the-art visitor counters to clients who seek a clear understanding of their visitor patterns and footfall in the outdoors or inside their buildings. We pride ourselves on our customer focus, providing the very best service and carefully thought out solutions. We will guide you every step of the way to plan, start up and then run a successful visitor monitoring project with whatever support level you need. Linetop has established a reputation for competent visitor counters backed up by expert customer support that is now so well-known about and widely respected that significant amounts of new business come to us by referrals and by word of mouth, not marketing. We also have a large volume of repeat orders from loyal existing customers who know from experience that our products and service can be trusted.

Brexit and Coronavirus:

preparation and planning

As a small company, we were far better prepared than most to weather the commercial challenges 2020 brought.  All our staff have worked for Linetop for more than 10 years each.  We are a strong, mature and committed team. We stockpiled components and sub- assemblies and finished products in prepartion for Brexit which are now helping us get through Coronavirus too.  Linetop is maintaining a strong balance sheet, has no debt, and tax is covered. Coronavirus We are open for business and the office is staffed.  We are limiting use of the premises to reduce risk so staff work from home for some of their time. Fieldwork is currently limited due to the closure of many hotels and hospitality. Brexit The transitional year is over and free trade with the EU is in place. We are shipping goods to the EU but Northern Ireland trade has been suspended...
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