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Copyright © Linetop ltd


People Counters and Visitor Monitoring


Do you need to know how many walkers, cyclists and cars visit your sites or buildings? Linetop sells a wide range of visitor counter equipment to record usage of footpaths, gates, stiles, car parks, country roads and exhibition buildings. Many land management organisations need this data to evaluate their present public services, to attract new funds, and to prioritise and develop future projects.


All our people counter products are designed, manufactured and supported in-house. We use them ourselves too, so we know they are straightforward and easy to use, both outdoors or indoors. Our data logger software and sensors have, in total, been running for thousands of years amongst our many clients, and so these products are reliable, mature, field-proven and widely respected. We have probably the best analytical software tools for PCs to process visitor data and create visitor activity reports. Linetop counters are environmentally friendly by design: most systems need only one set of small batteries per year, and our new circuit boards are lead-free too.



Why count visitors automatically?


Quick clipboard surveys usually produce misleading results if the visitor numbers are just multiplied up to get a yearly total. There are wide variations from season to season, weekends to workdays, at different times of the day, in holiday periods, and in good and bad weather. A data logger will record everything non-stop and this data is easily transformed into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly totals, or into charts that show a time-of-day or day-of-week activity profile.


Our clients have used visitor data to obtain grants for mountain footpath repair schemes, to create new jobs for periods when there is the most public demand, to rank sites by attractiveness, to evalute the impact of publicity, and even to optimise building maintenance on the basis of seasonal patterns. Others have used data to delay car park resurfacing because of demonstrable lack of use, and to support legal arguments about footpath diversions in public inquiries.



About us


Linetop Ltd, established in 1983, has manufactured data logging and visitor monitoring systems since 1999. Our product and service focus is on countryside usage, but we also provide visitor counter solutions for buildings and some scientific instruments. From our base in South Wales we support clients from Cornwall to the Hebrides and from East Anglia to Ireland. We have a strong team with our own software and electronic design, manufacturing, research and consulting skills.



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